Graffiti lane in Sao Paolo


I’m in Brazil! Crazy right? Yesterday I went to check out Batman Alley (cool name or what!) which is basically a laneway in Vila Madelena, a pretty upmarket suburb in Sao Paolo. I should have worn my Batman tee. Anyway this is a quick snap of what I wore. My backpack is full of nothing very interesting at all so don’t expect much. The one thing I am looking forward to is getting home and hugging my wardrobe and stealing some of my little sisters items!

Sunny South America


Well it is nearly coming to the end of my year long travels – only 34 days to go! Mixed emotions all round. I am currently in Cartagena, Colombia, a beautiful, humid, walled city right on the sunny Carribbean. If you want to avoid getting fast-tracked into a depressive state I would not reccommend googling it.

It’s such a enchanting place that is filled with history as it was the gateway port between South and Central America and still is. The buildings in the old town are full of colonial charm and ooze a melange of Spanish and Carribbean culture. One moment I feel as if I’m on the Mediterreanean while the next I get a whack of how Carribbean this place really is (don’t worry no coconuts have fallen on my head yet).

Anyway I just thought I’d give you guys a quick update and couple of pics to keep you ticking over. Don’t be too jealous!

Loving Aluna





Aluna Francis, one half of the music duo AlunaGeorge is definitely one to watch for me when it comes to style never mind the fact I love their sound. Her go to outfit seems to be a mini-white dress styled down with either hi-tops or her laid-back, I’m in a cool band attitude. It hasn’t failed for her yet! Keep an eye on her peeps.

South America Escapades!

We have finally arrived in South America and we are having an amazing time despite the weather still being quite chilly (excuse the pun). Just thought I’d post a few pics to keep you entertained while I travel my life away.

This place is a shoppers dream and the markets are a haven for Peruvian style knits, bracelets and any other tourist knick-knacks you could dream of.

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Hope you enjoy xx

It’s like your a mirror

Ladies keep your eyes peeled! Fashion fad or functional must-have, every season there is a buzz around certain style or shape of sunnie, whether it be 2012 Miu Miu’s cat eye’s or Prada’s eccentric oversized pairs from the runways of 2011. This year its reflective mirrored sunglasses that are the shining star and all fashion it girls choice du jour.

These sunnies seem to be everywhere we look from international style bloggers, to the fashion pages of all magazines and Tommy Ton’s streetstyle shots.

Although there may not be much sun in Ireland at the moment it is always good to protect your eyes from UV rays and why not do it all the while looking like a shiny happy person…